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little smart planet

Cross-curricular educational games to revise Primary School content.

54 fun games to pass Primary School!Games have been created out of the evolutionary development of children as well as from the the school curriculum of the 6 primary school years.
With Little Smart Planet your children revise what they learn at school and improve their academic results. Learning is fun!
Subjects: Maths, Spanish, English

Asignaturas primaria

Quest hero

Cross-curricular educational games to revise Secondary School content.

The first question and answer game Trivial Style for Secondary School.
Quest Hero contains the questions and answers of the main content of Secondary School. Being organised by subjects and topics, you will be able to choose what you are learning in class and practice to revise an exam or challenge your friends.
Subjects: Maths, Biology, Spanish and Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Geography and History.

Asignaturas primaria



Our platform allows parents and educators follow and monitored children’s game evolution in real time



The team of pedagogues is responsible for the curricular methodology of the games



The games adapt to the learning rhythm of each child

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Spelling is the compound of rules that regulate writing and establishes rules for the correct use of letters and signs. But, how many times have we heard the little ones of the house ask if a word is written with ‘b’ or with ‘v’ or with ‘g’ or ‘j’? More than we would have liked, right? On some occasions, trying to get them to internalise a spelling rule can be ‘mission impossible’.