Educational images for spelling

Spelling is the compound of rules that regulate writing and establishes rules for the correct use of letters and signs. But, how many times have we heard the little ones of the house ask if a word is written with ‘b’ or with ‘v’ or with ‘g’ or ‘j’? More than we would have liked, right? On some occasions, trying to get them to internalise a spelling rule can be ‘mission impossible’.

To help you, from Little Smart Planet we will be sharing an excellent learning tool which is to use pictures or drawings to represent, in a visual way, spelling rules or specific words that they have to memorise and that way, facilitate the task. We encourage you to use this resource, this way you can be sure that they won’t commit any spelling mistakes.

Oh! And don’t forget to encourage reading. It’s important because with it they acquire vocabulary and they improve their oral and written expression.

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