Travelling with kids can be great fun!

Here are some ideas and games that will make the journey enjoyable and fun, both for them and for you:

Word Chain

By taking turns, we choose a word that starts with the last syllable or letter of the other player’s word. For example: bag-game-elephant-tower, and so on. We can establish the level of difficulty according to the children’s age.

I spy with my little eye

A player identifies an object. The rest of the players have to guess what the object is by asking YES or NO questions.

The Quickest One

The purpose is to count or find objects before our opponents do. For example, in two minutes we can count how many of us counts more red cars, number plates or who is the one that first sees the sea.

Let’s make words!

Paying a lot of attention to the car number plates that are in our surrounding, we should try to formulate the longest word with the letters of the plate. The one that formulates a word in the least time possible with more letters will achieve the points.

Neither YES or NO, neither WHITE OR BLACK

Very similar to I spy with my little Eye. In this case we should guess the object, film, theatre play, food, book.. etc. The one that ‘gets it’ should avoid using as answers words such as YES, NO, BLACK or WHITE. Don’t let them get away by the speed of the answer!

A boat came from La Habana full of…

This game allows us to work family of words… One of the players decides which type of object will go in the boat (colours, fruits, farm animals, wild animals…) and the rest will add more words according to the topic.

Post It

We can use a tag that sticks or do it orally. The idea is to assign each person (without them knowing it) an animal or a famous character. They must guess who they are by asking questions to the others.

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