Natural Numbers with 4 digits

numeros 4 cifras


With this educative game you can discover numbers, make simple operations, order them, find out the value of their position and what’s more important, use them in every day situations. A fun way of understanding the decimal numbering system.

Throw the ball and introduce it in the basket that contains the correct answer. The slingshot is your finger therefore it’s not easy to aim… Be careful! If you make a mistake, the basket disappears and you have to start again.


The identification of the numbers 0 to 1000 in written form. Order numbers from large to small and from small to large. Determine the numbers which precede and follow a given number. Number series in two-by-twos and ten-by-tens. Understand to concept of single units, tens and hundreds. Round-off numbers to the tenth and hundredth. Cardinal numbers. Ordinal numbers: from 1st to 10th. Recognize even and odd numbers. Perform additions & subtractions without carrying overPerform mental calculations. Perform additions & subtractions with carry-overs