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The 54 games of Little Smart Planet have been created from an educational and teaching study of what children need, in accordance to their development and with the school curriculum and teaching plan of the 6 main grades of Primary Education.


Our group of pedagogues elaborates the content of each game from an analysis of the current educational legislation. This way, all the educational games at Little have the supervision of professionals that make the games a true accompaniment to the curricular training of the child.

We are PIONEERS in developing educational curricular games.


Little Smart Planet promotes SECURITY, CONTROL, AUTONOMY and works on the EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE of the players. Games reward perseverance, and, by setting up goals and challenges, improves self-esteem.

When your children ask you for your tablet or your smartphone to play with, we want to offer you an educational world of games where entertainment and learning are both combined. This way, while they have fun, you will feel reassured, you will know that they are learning.

Moreover, you will have access to our follow-up platform that will allow you to access the child´s evolution in the game and much more.