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The concept of game constitutes the essential nucleus in the development and growth of children. It’s the first mean by which children learn about their environment and the people that surround them. As well, playing with games allows them to get to know themselves and develop their imagination, creativity and fantasy.

In Little Smart Planet we know that the best way to learn is by playing and having fun. Children show this to us everyday and that’s why our educational games create unique situations that make the learning process at school a motivating experience.

They are games, not homework!

Little Smart Planet is a platform of mobile games for Primary and Secondary school children, in which they can enjoy playing while they practice the curricular school subjects in a fun way.

Through Little Smart Planet’s platform, both parents and educators can control how much time they dedicate to playing as well as the children’s evolution in the game.


little smart planet TEAM

Oficina madrid

We are programmers, educators, designers, illustrators, managers, above everything we love our work, and prove than best learning for children is playing.

We have offices in Madrid, where challenge & creativity takes over. We have screens & mobile devices all around, creating amazing experiences and opening senses to different learning skills.

Our team mates: Avatars, goals, medals… Above all: Passion for our work.

Oficina madrid

Little smart planet games are created for kids educational needs, their evolutionary development and school curriculum fixed by national legislation.